The following usage policy applies to all end users of any SaaS platform provided or operated by RepKnight, including BreachAlert (“RepKnight Application”), and also incorporates policies, terms and conditions imposed by our third party data feed providers, which may change from time to time.  By using the RepKnight Application, you agree to comply with all terms of this Usage Policy in addition to the applicable terms and conditions for your subscription to the RepKnight Application, and you agree that RepKnight may monitor your usage of the RepKnight Application to ensure compliance with this usage policy.

1. You shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations with respect to your usage of the RepKnight Application.

2. You may not use the RepKnight Application to conduct surveillance on any individual.

3. You may not use content derived from the RepKnight Application unless you obtain permission from its owner or are otherwise permitted by law.

4. The RepKnight Application, in common with other search engines, displays content that is not RepKnight’s. This content is the sole responsibility of the entity that makes it available. We may review content to determine whether it is illegal or violates our policies, and we may remove or refuse to display content that we reasonably believe violates our policies or the law. But that does not necessarily mean that we review content, so please do not assume that we do.

5. In connection with your use of the Services, we may send you service announcements, administrative messages and other information. You may opt out of some of those communications.

6. You shall comply with all relevant data protection legislation, and shall not make unsolicited contact with any third party or individual whose contact information is extracted from the RepKnight Application, other than employees, clients or partners of your company or organisation.

7. For RepKnight Applications which provide access to social media feeds, you shall comply with the following additional terms in relation to Twitter Content.   “Twitter Content” means Tweets, Tweet IDs, Twitter end user profile information, and any other content of Twitter made available to end users through the RepKnight Application, and any copies and derivative works thereof.  “Customer” means the legal entity who has the right to use the RepKnight Application.

(a) Customer and End User will not conduct analyses or research that isolates a small group of individuals or any single individual for any unlawful or discriminatory purposes.

(b) End User will comply with the Twitter Terms of Service located at (“Twitter TOS”). The Customer will actively monitor and enforce each end user’s compliance with Twitter TOS, notifying RepKnight of all noncompliance.

(c) Customer will not use Twitter Content in any manner that would have the potential to be inconsistent with Twitter’s users’ reasonable expectations of privacy.

(d) Twitter Content, and information derived from Twitter Content, may not be used for tracking, alerting, monitoring, or other uses that relate to individuals, topics, or events that are political in nature or are affiliated with political groups (e.g. protests, rallies, community organizing meetings, etc).


(e) Customer will not (and will not permit others to) use Twitter Content to target, segment, or profile any individual user, based on health, negative financial status or condition, political affiliation or beliefs, racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical affiliation or beliefs, sex life or sexual orientation, trade union membership, data relating to any alleged or actual commission of a crime, or any other sensitive categories of personal information prohibited by law.