Data breaches are a fact of life, no matter how hard you try to prevent them.
And with GDPR, you can’t afford to miss one.

BreachAlert continuously monitors the Dark Web, alerting you in real-time to possible breaches in your data.

Search Dark Web Sources


Find potential data breaches on Tor, IRC, PasteBin and many more breach and dump sites.

Set up search expressions based on keywords, data patterns, or entity types and use Boolean expressions to help eliminate false positives and reduce clutter.

Targeted Alerts & Notifications


Get instant alerts sent to email, SMS, Slack or Hipchat when a breach is found.

Automatically extract and filter results based on credit card numbers, IP address ranges, email or domain names.

Full System Integration


A fully cloud-hosted Software as A Service (SaaS) that can sit as standalone solution or can be combined with Cyber Threat Intelligence services.

Integrate BreachAlert with SIEM systems or other SOC dashboards.

Deploying BreachAlert is a proactive mitigating step towards GDPR monitoring and compliance.

Configure BreachAlert to search for data patterns specific to your organisation:

  • Keywords
  • Credit Card numbers
  • IBAN numbers
  • IP Address ranges
  • Employee records
  • Email & Domain Names
  • Login credentials
  • Customer details
  • Database Watermarks
  • Source Code
  • Confidential documents

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