The RepKnight Cyber Intelligence platform can be used for a wide variety of applications in corporate and public sector organizations.

Data breach detection

If your data is leaked or hacked, you need to find it before your competitors – or the press – discover it.

Our dark web and derived source capability helps you find your data, no matter where it’s hidden, and can instantly alert you when it’s being shared or discussed.

Insider threats

Threats to organisations ultimately come from people, not networks.

Whether it’s careless employees, malicious insiders, or disgruntled ex-employees, any information leaks can compromise the network.

Targeting by cybercriminals

Get early warning if your products, software or other assets are being targeted by cybercriminals.

RepKnight alerts you when you’re being discussed in social media or the dark web.

Stolen, pirated or fake goods

RepKnight helps protect your brand, reputation and revenue.

Get alerted to unauthorised sales of stolen, pirated, grey market or counterfeit products online.

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