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Dark Web Webinar Week

From 4th- 8th December, we’re running a webinar programme about the Dark Web and everything around it.


[NEW] BreachAlert

A Smart Data Breach Detection Tool


Search, Discover & Report

RepKnight helps turn haystacks into needles


Our software platform provides real-time cyber intelligence to keep people, companies and assets safe from internal and external threats.

With real-time monitoring of hundreds of millions of messages each day, organisations can be quickly alerted to issues or threats – often before they happen.


Search & Capture

RepKnight constantly searches social media feeds, news sites, blogs and the dark web in real-time, capturing data that matches your specific search criteria. With full firehose access, RepKnight can find a single tweet in over 500,000,000 per day.



With fast, intuitive point-and-click filtering, RepKnight helps you get rid of the clutter and noise, slice and dice the messages, and zero in on what you’re looking for – or discover something that you weren’t expecting to find. RepKnight helps you turn haystacks into needles with minimum effort.



With fully customisable drag-and-drop report templating, you can create report layouts that work for you. Customise the report with your company logo, project names, and text fields. Add charts, keywords, sentiment analysis and hashtags. Share reports as PDF files, or links to an interactive HTML report.



Hosted on our secure UK servers, RepKnight minimises your digital footprint.

Data Sources

Provides the widest range of open digital, social media and dark web sources available.

Historical Searching

Search Twitter’s archive database back until 2006.


Define and set thresholds on datasets and be alerted via email or text.

Language Translation

Multi-lingual search and translation, all within the application.

2-Way API

Add your own dataset into the application using the 2-way API.

Support &Training

24/7 support, comprehensive training and additional services available.


Provided as Software as a Service, accessible from any web browser.

RepKnight is a privately held UK-based developer of Cyber Intelligence solutions, with offices in Belfast and London.

Developed in conjunction with intelligence analysts, RepKnight’s workflow boosts efficiency and effectiveness.

Our solution helps identify, investigate, or prevent:

  • Data leaks
  • Malicious Insiders
  • Hackers
  • DDOS attacks
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Asset protection
  • Due Diligence
  • Critical event analysis
  • Horizon scanning
  • Criminal activity
  • Stolen & counterfeit goods

Data sources



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